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About Us

About Us

Nizam Florist is a subsidiary company under and specializing in the creation of various kinds of flower arrangements that can be delivered directly to your love one. Be able to choose from a wide range of fresh flowers that you want to be delivered to your loved ones or just surprise them for whatever special occasion. At our company, we will help you figure out the best kind of flower arrangements that are suitable for your needs and make sure that it will be arranged in cost-effective baskets that will enhance the beauty of the arranged flowers.

With all of the various kinds of flowers that we can offer you and other clients are sure to find the best selection of flower that will be used in the arrangements that they choose. We always practice prompt delivery wherever in India, which guarantees our clients that the flowers will arrive by the time and date that they want.

Nizam Florist is operated and managed by the Maya Florist is considered as among the leading companies for flower delivery. It was established in the year 2000 and is recognized as the only branded chain of retail shops for floral needs within the city. Aside from being one of the best companies in floral needs, the company is also known for being the only brand offering an online store for floral needs. Our company is considered as the one-stop shop for whatever floral needs people have.

What We Can Offer

At Nizam Florist we only offer freshly cut roses as well as other flowers that you would like to include in your chosen flower arrangement. We have a wide range of flowers to choose from and also talented florists who are aware of how to provide the best kinds of arrangements.

Whether people need to buy or send any form of flowers for any special occasion, Nizam Florist will always provide the services that clients need.

Our Aim

We believe that customer satisfaction is the only key in succeeding in a business. Our company is catering to all exquisite taste of our clients and providing not only various flowers online but also impressively crafted floral arrangements. We assure clients that we can provide set of services that they have never experienced before and assure that we can cater to delivery services to any location within the city.

Our Vision

We envision Nizam Florist as a leading florist company not only in India but also across the world. Our team is dedicated in reaching our goals in making flower showrooms a common place just like the grocery store you can find in your neighborhood. We want to make sure that our company will be the leading florist that can provide the kind of service that clients expect and deserve.

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