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Mix Color

Send Colorful Bouquets to Deliver Special Feelings to Your Loved Ones

The use of flowers of mixed colors is a great approach to add fun and enthusiasm to several occasion types. Floral arrangements made by the mixture of matching and complimentary colors affect the mood of the recipient positively and sparks energy.

Mix and Match Colorful Flowers

Although, people mostly choose to send single-colored bouquets to their loved ones, like a bunch of red roses, while a combination of different colors can add a special touch to the delivery of emotions. If you are planning to send a colorful bunch to someone, think what hues they love the most and thus, prepare a bouquet by mixing the accent shades that are a good match to their favorite hue.
Green works best as a complimentary color to the red, so if you want to send red flowers to someone, consider the ones having an abundant of fresh green fillers. Blue and orange is another great combination, so you can use the orange-inspired flowers like peach and tangerine with blue buds in a decorative vase. Pink is a perfect match for light green, while purple and yellow is another nice pair.

Meanings of Different Hues

All the hues discussed above offer different meanings, while most of them deliver a sense of tranquility and calmness. Blue represents calmness of the ocean, while orange is used as a representation of openness and friendship. Purple encourages creativity by uplifting the mood and green is second to the most popular blue color. Thus, by sending a combination of mixed flowers to a beloved one can help you surprise the recipient in a pleasant manner, while invoking all the emotions represented by different flowers used in the arrangement.
If you are willing to send a colorful bouquet of flowers to deliver a special message, you can find numerous arrangements from some of the top quality florists, serving online or in your locality. However, it is advised to make a research on the best match for your emotions and buy a floral arrangement accordingly to get your message delivered.