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Different Varieties of Pink Flowers for Your Love One

Pink Dianthus is a great choice to be planted on the borders of a garden, which is available in a few varieties like maiden pink, cottage pink and others. The species of this plant flourish in a full sun and a slightly alkaline, fast draining soil. Most of them are pink colored flowers with slight variations of white also.

Maiden Pink

These types of flowers grow up to a height of 12 inches and the flowers on them bloom in the summer season. With evergreen foliage, they attract bees, birds and butterflies adding a beauty to the garden.

China Pink

This species is an annual plant, originally belonging to the Eastern Asia and the best environment for the growth of this plant is a cool temperature of either fall or spring. They are known to deliver a clove scent and grow in the height range of 6 to 12 inches. China Pink can also have bi-colored blooms, which are of rose, pink, scarlet or white color.

Deptford Pink

This species is biennial or annual flower, the tiny blooms of which comprise of 5 pink colored spreading petals with white dotted texture. The Deptford Pink is a drought tolerant type and grows well in gravelly clay or soil in a sunny dry environment.

Cheddar Pink

Also known as Firewitch, this perennial flower is easy to grow and delivers a spicy clove scent. It grows with bright purple and magenta pink tiny blooms along with evergreen bluish-gray leaves on stems that reach up to a height of 8 inches.

Cottage Pink

This flower is made of velvety sheen petals of pink, white, purple or rose color and is an ideal choice as ground covers. With evergreen leaves, the cottage pink flourishes very well in the fall sun of early summer. These are only a few types of pink perennial flowers, which can enhance the beauty of your garden, filling it with a great scent. There are many other species that you can consider to be a part of your garden, like bath’s pink and tiny rubies.