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Identification of the Right Purple Flowers for Your Garden

Purple is an attractive color of flowers to be grown in a garden at home, which symbolizes wisdom, creativity and mystery. One can find purple flowers, suitable for all the garden niches, ranging from container plants to vines to trees, where the blooms can be found in xeric landscapes, cottage gardens as well as rock gardens. A combination of these blooms with yellow or orange flowers can help in the creation of a vivid landscape, while a combination with white ones can give a cool and subtle look. However, you must learn how to select the right type of purple flower for your home, where the fragrance and the size of blooms play a vital role.


Anemones are tiny blue flowers that are a perfect choice for a small cozy garden at home and are easy to be taken care of. Those available in large sizes are delphinium and iris, which develop noticeable blooms on them, due to their taller size, hence adding beauty to your garden.


If you are planning to use a purple flower with an exotic shape to be included as a gift or displayed as a centerpiece, the African lily or lupin is an option, which is a tall plant in the shape of a cone. On the other side, the scilla is a hyacinth flower that develops into circular clusters and provides a great appearance when wrapped as a bouquet in a decorative paper or placed on coffee tables.


There are numerous varieties of purple flowers available in the market, out of which, many offer desired color as well as fragrance. Freesia flowers deliver a clean and soft scent, considered great for a powder room and are available with triangular petals, having a color range of lilac to deep purple. Also, lavenders deliver a calming fragrance, which can be used in the bedroom for a better sleep. Thus, purples can be subtle or vivid, with blue on one end and pink on the other side of the spectrum. So, it is essential to make the right choice for your garden.