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Red Color

Why Red Rose is Considered that Special in World Today?

Red rose has been considered as a symbol of love, which has found a space in all types of art forms, including painting, photography and poetry. This flower is recognized by all as an emblem of love, irrespective of their belief or ethnicity, due to which a red rose is used as a declaration of love, even if any other color can also be used as a romantic present. There is a historical fact related to the use of this flower by lovers all around the world.

Myth and Passion

Firstly the rose flower was imported to Europe and other western countries from Asia. In ancient time, according to a popular myth, Chinese people were feared of the Ryu dragon, one among the mystical beasts that wandered the land then. This dragon, as speculated, was very powerful and left destruction of the place where it passed through, where the situation went more dreadful during any marriage or similar celebration. Later, a fact was revealed that the dragon was scared of the red shade and nothing else, so Chinese started wearing red-colored dresses during weddings and the color was used for decorations as well. This justifies the prevalence and importance of red color in the Chinese culture. Since the rose has always gained respect and appreciation for its beauty, its use during wedding ceremonies enhanced its relation to romance and love and hence, the symbol of love appeared before the world.

Red Rose Today

Red rose is used to represent love today and is a vital part of the Chinese culture, while it is used to communicate the sense of deep passion in western countries. Thus, the red rose is used during dating occasions like Valentine’s Day and others for a pristine declaration of love for someone. Many florists around the world design and create gorgeous arrangements of red roses along or in combination with other flowers that can be used for different occasions.