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Interesting Facts Linked to the White Rose Flowers

White rose is one among the oldest varieties known to man on this planet and has served as an inspiration to artists, love couples and poets with its elegant beauty and simplicity. Moreover, a student-led movement to resist the Nazis was named as the white rose, which held during the period of Second World War. As per the records available, an encyclopedist and a Roman Officer, Pliny the Elder (23 AD to 79 AD) made the earliest reference to this flower in his work ‘The Natural History’.

Significance of the White Rose

During the ancient traditions, the white race has been referred to as a symbol of spirituality, young love and innocence. This flower has also gained a huge esteem at weddings, where it is known by the name ‘bridal rose’. Also, the white rose is linked to reverence and honor, due to which it is used in the floral arrangements for sympathy and funerals. Being considered as a sign of spiritual love and remembrance, this flower has gained popularity as the one used to devote to the memories of a deceased beloved.

Different Types

This flower is developed as a hybrid of the dog rose and the Damask rose. White rose is available in several types, incarnate, Great Maiden’s Blush, Celeste and Alba Maxima.


These flowers are known for their distinct gray leaves that add more to its charm along with the light citrus aroma delivered with the flowers in their surrounding area. Another feature that has made this bloom a popular one is its durability in drought conditions as well as cold temperatures.
An underground publication of a German student that criticized the regime of Hitler was named as the White Rose. Siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, along with Christoph Probst, their friend, published the pamphlet secretly and distributed it from 1942 to 1943 at the University of Munich. Thus, the white rose is a momentous flower that is used for different meanings like purity, peace, remembrance and has a historical significance.