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The Significance of Yellow Flowers and Associated Meanings

Yellow is a bright color, which is associated with a strong symbolic and is linked to intelligence and creative thinking. There are many flowers that grow in this shade like roses, carnations, daffodils and many more, where each one is associated with a special meaning. On an overall basis, yellow color is known as a promoter of the spring thoughts.


During the era of the Victorians, there were not many species of flowers known to man, nor were developed as of today, so people made use of symbols to deliver their intentions without any specific display of emotions. Among different symbols used, yellow flowers were the ones that people used for communication of their emotions without the use of words. Although yellow is universally known as the symbol of the sun, yet men are found linked flowers of the same color with children.

Types of Flowers

There are many species of plants that have yellow-colored blooms, where each is linked to its special meaning. While yellow roses are used to deliver friendly emotions, the tulips are an indication of a hopeless love. Sunflowers symbolize adoring feelings of a person and daffodils represent that the person is suffering from an reciprocated love.

Yellow for Optimism

Irrespective of the different meanings depicted by different yellow colored flowers, all of them are seen as a sign of bright and sunny days as well as new beginnings. Thus, someone who has bought a bouquet of yellow flowers is either hoping to attain a happy and positive outlook or is feeling excited. As per the religious considerations of the yellow colored flowers, they are primarily utilized during the Passover and Easter celebrations.


The meaning and significance of flowers are tending to alter with changes in culture and time, which changed from jealousy to friendship for the yellow roses. The art of the delivery of messages through the language of flowers is termed as floriography and is considered to be a highly romantic effort. Thus, the yellow flowers are bright and beautiful made to deliver different meanings, while making the recipient feel fresh and enthusiastic.