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What kind of flowers will Nizam Florist deliver?

Fresh, local and seasonal flowers! We order new flowers daily to create a single daily arrangement that reflects the season. You can see our gallery for previous arrangements. We don’t take special requests for specific flowers and we can't share what the designs will look like in advance because we don’t really know in advance! It depends on what our growers have available at the time. 

Where does Nizam Florist source from?

Nizam Florist purchases flowers from growers in Bangalore, Pune and nearby areas. We strive to supply from as close to Hyderabad, Secunderabad as possible to offer the freshest flowers possible. We never use imported flowers. 

How do I care for my flowers?

To promote the longevity of your flowers, keep them in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Make sure to trim the stems with a knife (NOT scissors which compresses the stems) and use floral conditioner in the water to feed the flowers. Change the water every couple of days and your blooms should stay looking perky!

I ordered two arrangements and they look different. Why?

On busy days we might not be able to buy enough fresh flowers to fulfill all orders identically so we make adjustments. We try our best to create the arrangement.  with the fresh stock availability

Does Nizam Florist do weddings and events?

We would love to help you plan your special celebration. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

What if I’m not satisfied?

We want you to be 100% happy. Please email us and let us know how we can make it right. We stand by our product and want to make sure you feel good about your purchase. 

Can I pick up a bouquet or vase arrangement?

Unfortunately, currently, no. To keep our prices down we don't have retail staff or a retail location. We do occasionally offer CSA style pick-ups at nearby local businesses, so check back for one of our special pick-up offers. 

Can I send flowers outside the Hyderabad area?

For the time being, no. While we’d love to share our flowers nationally, to ensure freshness, our delivery area is local only.  As more florists become aware of the importance of buying locally we hope to have a network of like minded businesses across the country. 

Can I get my flowers delivered today?

We hope you can! If you are ordering early in the day there is chance we can accommodate. We try to match our orders to the quantity of flowers that we buy to cut down on waste. It also keep our prices competitive and our impact low—this also means that we often sell out. Try to order as early as possible!

Where does Nizam Florist deliver?

Little Acre delivers to major areas in the Hyderabad and Secunderabad area.

What time will my flowers get delivered?

We deliver throughout the region between 9am and 12AM Monday through Sunday. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly when your flowers will arrive but we do our best to deliver them as early as possible.  Please refer to our delivery calendar during checkout to see available delivery dates and check back for special hours on major holidays.

What can I do with my extra vases?

Nizam Florist is happy to recycle your used vases. Please email us at [email protected] to arrange for a drop off to our workspace in Himachal or Haryana region. 

What's your address?

We work in a well established office and our head office is in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, Nizam florist is a subsidiary of Maya Florist in Hyderabad. We aren't able to handle walk in customers so please contact us by email and phone. If you need a mailing address we are located at Distt Sirmour, Teh Nahan, Himachal Pradesh, 173022.

When is Nizam Florist closed?

Nizam Florist is closed for some Hindu holidays including Diwali and Holi. We work all the year and on holiday, its more important to celebrate with family by sending flowers. :)

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