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What Different Colour Flowers mean?

Did you know that each colour flower has a meaning? These meanings are steeped in tradition, so when you’re choosing flowers, here’s your guide on what colours to choose to send the exact message you want to.

Every single flower colour, from a yellow daffodil to a white snowdrop have amazing stories that in most cases date back thousands of years. So, not only is the bouquet important when buying flowers, but so are the colours that you choose for your special arrangement.

Read on, and find out the fascinating facts about the meanings of different colour names.


There’s nothing like blue flowers in an arrangement as they add something special and unique. Pale blues of perhaps a hydrangea or deep blue colours of irises is all about peacefulness. These flowers can take away anxiety or worry.They also are a symbol of peace, openness, and serenity. So if you want to help a friend or anyone to ease their worries, then blue is the colour for you.


Pink flowers are exceptionally popular and beautiful too. If you’re thinking of buying pink flowers, they represent grace, gentility, and happiness. It doesn’t matter what the shape of the flowers are, whether they’re tight small rose buds, so the stunning and delicate petals of a pink camellia or awesome gerberas, they also mean youth, innocence, and joy. This is another colour to send to a special person in your life. We’ve got some amazing bouquets filled with pink, take a look and see what we’ve got.


Purple is a bold colour and it tied to royalty and ceremony. They also represent dignity, pride and success. If you decide to go with just purple flowers, or mix them with other bright and bold colours to add amazing contrast, you’ll have a bouquet with rich hues. If you’re trying to tell someone you admire them, then this is the colour for you. It also represents accomplishment, so if you want to send a congratulation message purple flowers will work a treat and look stunning at the same time.

We’ve got amazing bouquets filled with purple orchids, exotic bouquets, and a gorgeous 3 tiered orchid flowers collection and much more. Check out our purple collection on our website! Awesome!


Red certainly has an amazing energy about it; an energy which will transform any bouquet of flowers into something that shows desire, strength and of course passionate love. The symbolism for red is beauty, courage and heat, so if you want to wow somebody special then these rich colours will certainly provide that wow factor. You will be able to say it all. See our complete selection of red bouquets, and get ready to take their breath away!


A white bouquet of flowers is timeless and beautiful. It is actually associated with innocence, humility and admiration and they are simple beauty at its best.

You could go with white roses, the luxurious silk feeling of fragrant gardenias, lily flowers of the valley’s little bells, or gardenias, gladioli’s, carnations, and even daisies. Bouquets that are dominated by white convey modesty and elegance. Now that’s a special message to send! Check out our awesome white flower collection.


There is just something about a yellow bouquet of flowers that makes you smile from the inside out. Yellow evokes feelings of joy and light-heartedness and is also a symbol of friendship. So wanting to say a big thank you to a friend, then yellow is your colour.

Whether its daisies, gerberas or even chrysanthemums there will be sunshine and joy! It also sends a message of new beginnings and happiness. Now who doesn’t need that in their lives…a whole heap of happiness?

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Orange is another bold colour and its message is loud and proud. It symbolises energy, enthusiasm and warmth. An orange collection could be for anyone in your life that you want to send these message to.

You could choose from roses, gerberas, gladioli’s and much more. View our energetic and enthusiastic orange collection!


Green has a strong association to nature, and represents health, resilience, good fortune and youth. When you’re picking out that bouquet, add some greenery to it to portray the message of optimism and renewal. Have a look at all our bouquets, and see what has an abundance of greenery for a great message.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful, and that it will give new meaning to your next flower shopping spree!