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The aromatic smell and the gooey filling taste – surely you cannot miss out on these yummy delicacies, which are not only a visual treated, but also appetizing as well. NizamFlorist presents some delectable and palatable “Birthday Cakes” meant for that special occasion, where you can indulge yourself in sweets, without feeling guilty. The cakes and other confectionery are freshly baked from the oven by our expert bakers, using original ingredients, and they are not only tasty but very healthy as well. The tropical fruits used for the “Perfect Birthday Surprise” is of premium quality therefore ensuring its freshness and exotic nature. Indeed a perfect gift for a special occasion, like a birthday. The chocolate and the strawberry cakes are marvelous and looks very tempting. So you can very well guess, that's how it would taste! Every bite you take in, will simply melt in your mouth and you will crave for even more. You will cherish, till the last morsel. When you gift this wonderful confection on an event of a birthday along with some colorful balloons or elegant flower bouquets, then the aura of the gift enhances even more and your benevolent gesture is noticed and lauded by everyone. Worth the gift!