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Flowers n Cake

Flowers and Cake Combinations

Guide to Use Flowers with Cake to make any Occasion Special
Cakes are a popular and fashionable part of any celebration like birthdays, anniversaries and others. Apart from these, flowers also form an integral part of the expression of emotions, where a combination of both cakes and flowers can make the event more special. For birthdays that fall in summer and spring, flowers with cake can help convey a fresh vision when tied perfectly to the theme of the event. Apart from the beauty, flowers are a customized gourmet addition to the cake, where a few tips mentioned below can help you make a better choice.
The Choice of Flowers
It is vital to choose an edible flower for the purpose, for which, you can consult a local florist. Although there are many blooms available in the market, yet many of them could comprise of toxic elements that would make you sick on consuming them. Also, you can conduct a research for the right type of non-toxic flowers to ensure that you are not going to eat a non-toxic diet. Some of the popular flowers considered edible include sunflowers, roses, oregano, lavenders and many more. Another important factor to be considered is that the flowers should have been grown in an organic manner. Thus, you need to avoid using blooms that have toxins or pesticides added to them for their growth so as to prevent your guests from falling sick.

Prepare & Decorate

Cut the flowers out of the stem, leaving buds and leaves and place them in a sanitized vase of clean water and place the flora in a cool environment. Use a cool and gentle water stream to wash the flowers before use and dry by placing them on a layer of tea or paper towels.
Now, you can use the flowers to decorate the cake in a desired manner, where petals, buds and other foliage items can be spread on the cake making it appear luscious. Thus, with the use of flowers with cake, you can add a special touch to any event or occasion of celebration.