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Flowers Bouquet

Enhance the Lifespan of Your Flowers Bouquet with Proper Care

Sadly, flowers delivery online in Hyderabad start wilting the next day and the charm of the gift starts disappearing, if no proper care is taken. However, one can easily enhance the life span of a bunch of flowers by following the simple care taking steps, which can be helpful in allowing you to enjoy the splendor for a longer time.

  • Get the flowers out of the wrapping paper, which they arrived in and cut their stems in a diagonal manner. This will increase the surface area of the blooms that they will use to draw fresh water in for growth.
  • Crush an aspirin and then place the powdered form at the base of the vase, wherein you are going to arrange your flowers.
  • Make use of water at room temperature to fill the vase, where the quantity should be within one inch from the top of the vase.
  • After the period of a week, dump the water out of the vase and then wash it thoroughly. Ensure that all the soap is rinsed out of the vase, before using it again.
  • Now again cut the flowers in the same diagonal manner with at a distance of approximately half an inch from the first one. With this, the flowers will get a fresh cut for the intake of fresh water to grow better and hence, survive for a longer period. Now, fill the vase again with fresh water kept at room temperature.

Thus, by following this procedure you can elongate the lifespan of the bouquet of flowers that you received as a gift or just bought one. The whole process can be executed on a weekly basis, thus providing a fresh diagonal cut to the flowers to consume water. The bouquet will last for a period of 2-3 weeks with a proper care, while you should remove and replace any dead flowers to avoid any poor appearance to the decoration of your space.