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Top Flower Annuals that to be Planted in a Window Box

At a place with a low space for a garden, planting some annual flowers in window boxes is an attention-grabbing way to get one. This enhances the appearance of your home’s landscape with the beauty of flowers as well as by attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Major factors that should be considered to find the best flower delivery online in Hyderabad for the purpose are the window’s micro-climate and its location, where plant height and soil depth are also crucial. Some popular flowers that you can plant in your window box are discussed below.


Geraniums are an ideal flower type of window boxes, which can thrive in both full-to-partial sun and full-to-partial shade situations. These flowers are available in different growth habits, upright to trailing with single or double blossoms of white, red, pink, coral, lavender, fuchsia or multicolor and different scent types like rose, peppermint, nutmeg and lemon. The flowers come out of buds through late fall from the summer with a little care after being planted.


Noteworthy half-hardy annual flowers, Verbenas are also a nice choice for window boxes with both upright and trailing varieties suitable for a location with full to partly sunny. They have small clusters of fragrant flowers at their branch-ends, which continuously bloom through late fall from early spring and hence, attract butterflies. There are some popular types of trailing verbenas like Babylon, Pink Parfit, Silver Anne and others that are available in several blossom colors such as salmon, red, white and more.

Wave Petunias

These are stunning heat tolerant annuals that need only a minimum level of maintenance after being planted and have a maximum height of 12 inches. Wave Petunias add a dynamic impact with hundreds of tiny flowers on their trailing branches and blooms start growing from early spring season until the late summers. Their 5 different series, Wave, Double Wave, Tidal Wave, Easy Wave and Shock Wave contain blooms of lavender, lilac, red, pink, blue, rose and white colors.

These are a few of the famous flowers that can be planted in a window box to add an exquisite look outlook to a place.