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Luxury Lilies Bouquet

Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Event with Lilies Bouquets

Lilies are exotic flowers that can be used to make any occasion more special, alongside offering an added list of textures and colors to be used for decorations. Although, these flowers were considered to be high profile ones due to their scarcity, but recent developments added a boost to their growth and number of types grown. Among the several varieties like oriental, calla, stargazer and others, there are a few ones that are known for the preparation of luxury lily bouquets. However, there are several reasons that can compel one to use lilies for any event, out of which, a few are given below.

  • More Varieties: With the rise of popularity, horticulturists and wholesale growers have invested huge efforts to develop hardier and faster growing types of lily plants, which are known to produce more flowers as compared to those in the past. This helps buyers get more flowers by spending the same amount of money and a better inventory to choose from.
  • More Colors: Although, lilies were available in limited colors only, yet professionals used their expertise to develop flowers of numerous color variants.
  • Long life of Blooms: The longevity of lilies has increased due to the development of new breeding techniques. Thus, they are not the same one-day flowers as they were known in the past, but can last longer with minimum maintenance and management.
  • Luxurious Presence: Lilies are a symbol of status and luxury, which, unlike roses are not associated with any particular occasion, holiday or celebration. Moreover, use of these flowers depicts a higher importance of an event, which is directly proportional to the number of lilies used. .
  • Off-season Availability: Due to many localities growing lilies over the year, they can be exported to any other part at a reasonable time. Thus, you can be sure of finding the best quality bloom, even if you are surviving in the coldest month of the year.

Thus, long lifespan, numerous types and colors and wider availability make luxury lily bouquets a preferred choice among buyers.