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Mix Flowers

Add Charisma to Your Marriage with a Mixed Flower Wedding Bouquet

In a woman’s life, the day of her wedding is one among the most crucial and beautiful days and that needs to be a perfect occasion, which can be accomplished by a thorough planning. There are several aspects that are vital to be considered like the location, the menu, the guest list, the flavor, wedding dress, bouquet, cake and many more. Among all, the significance of a wedding bouquet is neglected by most of the people, overlooking it as a simple accessory to the dress of the bride. However, a perfect selection adds to the grace of the girl in the wedding gown and is also used as a medium to pass on the luck to a bachelorette when the bride throws it towards the singles.

The Common Choice

The flower bouquet delivery in Hyderabad should be a representation of the feelings of the bride as well as complimentary to her dress, where the choice of arrangement and colors play a vital role. The common choice of women with this is the white color or any other single color for all the flowers that goes on with their wedding attire.

Mixed Flowers Bouquet

In spite of a bouquet with single type of flowers of the same color, a mix flowers bouquet is likely to add a freedom of expression, adding hopes, joy and energy to the character. Some ideas to create a wonderful bouquet using mixed flowers are listed below.

  • Roses and sweet peonies can be combined for a romantic bouquet, emanating freshness and joy or a golden one with yellow roses, peonies and poppies, which could be a perfect choice during summer-autumn months.
  • A pink bouquet, made with lilies, roses and zinnias will make you appear happy and young, while a combination of lavender, forget-me-not, roses and anemones in blue and white color are also great.
  • A complexion feeling can be delivered with country flowers of different colors along with 3-5 poppies, which is a perfect choice for marriages in spring.

Thus, with mixed bouquets, you can add all the flower types that you like and hence, deliver a delicate message to the guests.