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Orchids Bouquet

Orchids Bouquets Signify Luxury and Deliver a Respectful Impression at Special Occasions

Orchids, termed as the flowers of a 14th wedding anniversary, are gentle and beautiful blooms that belong to the family of Orchidaceous and can be found on all the continents, except Antarctica. Most of their species have a well known recognition in the tropical areas. Although they grow on other plants, but due to their own roots for nutrients, they are not termed as parasites. With an availability of around 30000 kinds grown in different parts of the world, orchid bouquets are an easy to avail choice among flower lovers.

A Significance of Luxury

Along with their exotic look, orchids are also sought after as they convey beauty and luxury. Greeks linked it to the masculine strength and hence, gave it the name Orchids, meaning testicles in Greek. It was believed that if the pregnant women ate small orchid tubers, a girl would be born and if the husbands ate it, a boy would take birth. During the 1800’s second half, rich individuals became a fan of orchids, which made them an extinct species in several regions, raising the cost of a few of its types. Due to this fact, these flowers are used as a significance of luxury, particularly when used to make a bouquet.

Creating a Bouquet

It is important to have a clear idea of the impression to be conveyed while making an orchid bouquet. The flowers will spread a sign of luxury and grace, but the neatness of the bunch depends on the creator. You can begin with a single orchid in the center, which could be a large, bright colored one, to be used as a focal point. Use the rest of the flowers to create a desired form of appearance, where you would need to make use of florist wire and tape for a better look.

Orchids are a preferred choice due to their gentle appearance and strength of beauty, delivering an impression of respect and luxury. Orchid bouquets are used for almost all types of special events.