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Flowers Suitable for the Celebration of Golden Anniversary

Spending 50 years together as a couple is a great thing which signifies a great sense of faith and respect for each other. Purple violet or lavender is referred to as an official flower for the golden marriage anniversary, which is a symbol of faithfulness. The yellow rose is known as the traditional flower for the celebration of 50 years together as a couple.


Inspired from the violets as a symbol of 50th marriage anniversary, a potted African violet can be used in a gorgeous floral arrangement as a gift or as a central decoration piece. A tiny bunch of wild violet flowers can be presented as a traditional gift, where tying the bouquet with the use of a golden ribbon will enhance the beauty. Also, you can make a row of purple and white Africans along with lavenders on the banquet table of the event and use a gold foil to cover all the pots for a graceful touch.

Mixture of Yellow and Golden

You can get a stunning centerpiece for the anniversary by mixing Alstroemeria, snapdragons, roses and lilies of yellow color. You can create a display of 50 classic yellow roses, the golden anniversary flower of the modern day, placed in huge glass vases or as a centerpiece for the couple. Another idea for their use is by setting a combination of rosebud with a matching full-bloom rose, placed in a simple vase. This piece can be used as a decorative item for the table or as a gift to the couple. If you want to send this as a gift, you can either create one at home or order a bouquet from a renowned florist.

Mixed Flowers

There are several mixtures that can be used for the 50th marriage anniversary celebration. A few of them include yellow flowers with traditional violets or yellow carnations, white snapdragons, purple lilacs or lilies. You can also find a bouquet made of flowers used by the bride on the day of the wedding.

Thus, a spark can be added to the golden anniversary celebration by using any of the above discussed options.