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Get Well Soon

Guide to Choose the Best Get Well Flowers for a Hospitalized Patient

For a patient suffering from an illness in a hospital bed, a get well soon gift works similar to a medicine. Flowers are joyful that can cheer up a person’s mind and help him recover from the ailment, while there are several medicinal plants that encourage lowering of pain levels and blood pressure with their presence only. However, it is essential to make a choice of the flowers before taking it to the patient so as to avoid any negative impact.

Low Scent Flowers

Flowers that have a strong smell can impart the nauseous effect on patients, which is not what you might prefer. However, if you wish to give someone a get well soon bloom, choose the ones with no or little scent like calla lilies, amaryllis, Gerber daisies and others.

Low Pollen Flowers

Pollen from the flowers can cause unwanted sneezing discomforting the patient as well as others in the room. So, you must choose the ones that have a negligible quantity of the pollen or is held within them. Flowers like hydrangeas, daffodils and tulips have a low quantity while roses, chrysanthemums and carnations are known to hold back the pollen contained within them, offering a no-pollen impact. You can also find flowers like lilies with pollen removed from them, but you need to be careful while making that choice.

Low Maintenance Flowers

There are a few types of flowers that do not need any special maintenance like daily water changes, direct sunlight and others. Such flowers are a good choice for patients as they cannot take a proper care of the plant and hence, the blooms may die within a day if they need a strict preservation. With strong woody stems, roses can survive several days without the need of changing their water, while Alstroemeria lasts longer but needs to change water frequently.

However, before making any such decision, it is essential to get a confirmation from the nursing station and a consultation from the florist to get the best arrangement for the patient.