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Valentines Day

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Red Rose

Roses are popularly known as the symbols for love, particularly the red ones. This bloom signifies a passionate and undying love and a desire for the special beloved person.

Spray Rose

Similar to carnations, these are also long-stemmed blooms, which are smaller than other types of roses and are also available in many different color options. These flowers are also associated with unconditional or undying love, similar to the red roses.


These bulbous flowers bloom during the springtime and grow with a vibrant color as well as long and dark leaves. One can find tulips in different colors like red, purple, yellow, orange, purple and white, where red ones are a symbol of undying love.


These flowers are available in over 150 different types, where all of them are perennials. These flowers symbolize unfading love and can be found in white, pink-purple, blue and red colors.

Thus, if you are also in love with someone and are shy to express your heartiest emotions with words, one of these flowers can help you convey the meaning easily and in a speechless, beautiful and elegant manner.