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Sympathy / Funeral

Different Approaches for the use of Flowers to Express Sympathy

From the time when the flowers began to be used for the expression of emotions, many flower species and colors have been associated with different meanings, where the funeral or sympathy flowers were also defined by particular colors. Although, people accept to move away from old traditions and wish to choose the flowers depending on their personal choice, yet selecting sympathy flowers according to traditional color schemes can help you deliver your support better.

Traditional Approach

As per traditional times, people made use of white or red flowers like carnations, lilies or roses to express their compassion. These were considered as red meant for courage and strength, while white stood for elegance and modesty. Another occasional color that was used according to traditional times was blue that signified serenity and peace, which was used occasionally.


According to contemporary use, people started making use of yellow, pink and purple colors as an alternative to the ones used traditionally as they brightened the floral arrangement. However, these colors can add a taste to the bouquet over a moderate use. You can consult with your florist to get the best match for your sympathetic emotions to be delivered through flowers.

Personalized Touch

Apart from both the traditional and contemporary approaches discussed above, people also make use of personal choice, of the deceased person and get bouquets prepared as per their favorite color and type. However, families that value traditional approach higher than the personal one might not provide a good reaction to such an approach. So, you must keep this point in mind before buying any bouquet for them.

The use of flowers for their sympathetic meanings has eased the way people share their consolidations over the death or a huge loss of any person or property to a family or friend. These are termed as speechless media to help people express their emotions while an understanding of their language can help you convey your words in a better manner.