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Guide for the Preparation and Maintenance of Wedding Flowers

Silk flowers offer numerous benefits, but natural blooms offer an unmatched romance and beauty when used in a wedding. However, the first priority while making their use is to maintain their condition for all important events, which can be a challenging task for outdoor ceremonies in a hot environment. With a proper care and wedding preparation from expert flower decorators, one can keep them perky across throughout the day.

Preparation Tips

  • Fill vases or buckets with cool water and put fresh flowers on them till the time they need to be used and feed them with some flower food that can be purchased from garden centers or florists or use a tablespoon of sugar as an alternative.
  • Remove leaves that are going to fall under the water line and outer petals used as a protection during shipping.
  • Cut the stems at a height of about one inch in a diagonal manner and place them in a dark and cool place, far from vegetables to avoid faster deterioration due to ethylene gas.


  • Once arranged, mist bouquets and arrangements with cool water to keep them fresh and hydrated, keeping them away from direct sunlight and drafts as a warm environment helps them bloom better.
  • Keep the time gap between the event and the placement of flowers as low as possible.
  • Prepare some vases that have cool water filled with them to hold the arrangements with stems exposed. For ceremonies and pictures, remove flowers out of the water and dry their stems.
  • Before putting the blooms back to the vases, make fresh cuts in the same manner, so that the flowers get a fresh opening for the intake of water.

Thus, by following these preparation and maintenance steps, you can enhance the beauty and life of your wedding flowers in Hyderabad, making them the best wedding decoration of your events. Fresh blooms will not only add glamour to the occasion but also fill the air with fresh aromas for a new start of the life for the couple.