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When you go to your local florist to send flowers to your loved one who stays in another state, your order goes through online e-commerce industry professionals call a “wire service”, a network which connects thousands of local florists everywhere in the US. The major drawback with “wire services” is that there are various agents who receive a commission on the price you paid: the florist who took the order from you as well as the wire service itself. These commissions end up representing more than 25% of the price of your flowers with the local florist who actually makes your arrangement only receiving 75% of what you paid. What is the end result? Your loved one receives a lower valued arrangement than what you ordered. Not a great deal right? At NIZAM FLORIST, there are no intermediaries, no commissions so you get the full value of what you paid for!

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Most local retail florist especially in major urban cities bear the cost of a high shop rent which you as a customer end up paying for. At Nizam Florist, we have a very different and perfect business model. Although all our bouquets are made in house in our workshop by our trained florist, we have no storefront and only sell online which enables us to provide our customers with luxury arrangements at much more affordable prices in comparison to high end local flower shops. And that’s not it! With Nizam Florist you get all the benefits you look for when you for when you go to a local florist such as same-day and hand delivery. All our floral arrangements can be delivered in less than 5 hours.